With over twenty years of experience coaching individuals and teams, Jodi is a trusted advisor who promotes authentic, straightforward dialogue that yields effective leadership cultivation, employee engagement, and successful team building. Uniquely accomplished in leadership and talent development as both a corporate ‘insider’ and professional ‘outsider’, Jodi has the ability to gain insight and intimacy while leveraging her experience and perspective as third-party expert. She possesses a deep understanding of people, business, and the desired outcomes they must share in order to shift corporate culture. Her high energy, fearless nature, and genuine curiosity about what makes people ‘tick’ makes her a dynamic and effective partner and consultant.


With creative solutions and customized programs tailored to her clients’ specific needs, Jodi provides consulting services that effectively prepare employees in their transitions to more senior leadership roles or to become more impactful managers in their current roles. She also advises newly formed teams as well as teams whose dynamics and practices have become firmly entrenched. Jodi’s specialty is developing sustainable talent management systems that secure a robust pipeline of emerging talent within corporations. After carefully discerning the needs of her clients, she implements customized solutions through methods such as coaching, team interventions, meeting facilitation, psychometric testing, 360 evaluations, and qualitative interviewing.