• Acclimate new team leaders through a structured process to accelerate learning and leader’s effectiveness

  • Help newly formed teams define roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and outcomes

  • Unstick dysfunctional teams with “bad habits” and  entrenched way of behaving

  • Determine “rules of engagement” and drive desired behavior through transparent dialogue

  • Develop teams’ vision and mission and identify steps to achieve business results

  • Increase team members’ ability to leverage diverse perspectives through the use of psychometric instruments that reveal personality preferences and styles

  • Design and facilitate off-sites based on specific and targeted business needs


Leveraging the power of real-world case study examples enables clients to experience varying perspectives analogous to their own. Understanding their unique challenges and designing learning solutions to mitigate those challenges are the key ingredients to a successful educational experience.

The story of Sully Sullenberger: Miracle on the Hudson was used to help an underperforming team to:

  • gain a sense of urgency about capturing market share,

  • energize them to focus on their mission,

  • master their craft through more in depth knowledge, and

  • win in a commoditized market place

Sample Facilitated Questions for Participants to Discuss as They Think About Their Teams:

    • What is most striking about Sully’s leadership? What can you learn from him?
    • What are the leadership qualities you share with Sully? What are you most proud of in your role? What could you be doing more of to enhance your leadership?
    • What did you notice about his decision making and his effect?
    • What sense of urgency do you have when you approach your work? What do you believe is your work-related mission?
    • How do you make decisions when there is a sense of urgency?
    • What comes to mind when Sully talks about “load shedding”?  How do you differentiate your products?
    • What components make up Sully’s high performing team?